We know it’s sometimes hard to please everyone, but we like to try.
So with this in mind, we would welcome your feedback about the 2015 Jaguar National Rally.

Please take a couple of minutes to tell us how the Rally was for you.

  • What did we do right, and what went wrong?
  • How did you like the venues?
  • The overall organisation?
  • The food and drinks?
  • … in fact anything you’d like to say that could help us improve the next National Rally in Tasmania?

Just send us an e-mail and we’ll take your comments onboard, and publish them below, ‘warts and all’!

Thank you for sharing the 2015 Jaguar National Rally with us!

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Hi Guys, This arrived after we left - no car - no run but we did have a great time at the Rally. Thanks to you and to all who helped - much appreciated and enjoyed.

Cheers, Pam & Rod

Thank you for congratulations to all regarding the rally. I didn’t hear one complaint which reflects, of course, on the efforts of the Rally Director and her team. Tony has a hard act to follow after Lyn’s efforts last year and Jenni’s this time.
I expect that there will be a number of ‘wind down/review’ meetings over the coming weeks from which the required reports will emerge.
I hope your 120’s repair is progressing well.
Regards, Chris.

Judi and I, as well as everyone else attending we spoke to, had a great time at your National and the Tour. The Tasmanian Club did a great job, and the sentiments all round are that we will all be planning to come back again! Tasmania was at its best, and we saw some unique countryside and culture during our too brief stay.
We are now sitting back watching the Grand Prix in Bright en route back home, in a very relaxed state of Jaguar bliss!
We hope you and Des can now sit back and enjoy some personal time.
Kind regards, Paul Sutton JDCC

Thanks for forwarding on the full rally results.
Had a very smooth trip home on the overnight ferry.
There was quite a crew of us – all talking favourably about the NR and questioning what they saw at MONA.
Cheers, Ann

Firstly congratulations on a great rally.
We would be happy to travel to any venue, either in Hobart or Launceston or in between, which ever suits most recipients of awards.
Can you let us know when we will receive our overall scores and the judging sheets ?
Cheers, Dale and Gail

Yes Jenni it is done and what a great job you did. I am sure you and Des are taking a little while to settle down after all the work. I have had feedback that the PRT was just as enjoyable as the Rally. I am sorry to have missed it but had to go back to work.
We thoroughly enjoyed the functions and the time spent with friends old and new.
Dont worry about all the paperwork that you are sure to have spread around especially in your study. I still have paperwork from my rally that I am promising to wade through and tidy up. I will get to it eventually.
Well done and hope to catch up at future functions or rallies with Jaguar Car Clubs.
Regards, Lyn

Firstly congratulations on a fantastic rally! I was the lucky recipient of the Ian Cummins Trophy. Unfortunately I was not present at the presentation dinner so the award was accepted on my behalf by a fellow member of the JDCC, Joe Manzano. I was informed that I would, in due course, receive an engraved plaque to be attached to the beautiful wooden trophy. Is this correct?
Kind regards, Peter Slater.

G’day Jenni,
We guess you have been breathing many sighs of relief and hope you have recovered from your enormous effort with the Rally and the Post Rally Tour. You and you team did such a great job and gave us a most enjoyable time in Tasmania.
The Meet & Greet in the Tonic Bar and the outside area with the smorgasbord and the dessert choices were most enjoyable. Hope your model is taken up by future Rally Organisers.
The Gatsby Night was just fantastic. We had a ball! There is something special to be able to dance to a Big Band with an extraordinary singer out the front.
As the E-Type Register Secretary for the JDCA it gave me much pleasure to be able to applaud John and Lynnette Lynn’s achievements at the Presentation Dinner.
Thank you again.
Cheers till next time, Bob and Maureen Alexander.

Hi Jenni,
We had a wonderful time, and I have six pages in the coming edition – up front too.
You should be congratulated for your efforts and success, but we did feel sorry for you being under such stress.
To get a cold on top of it is totally unfair, but I am sure you were worn down.
It really was the most enjoyable Rally I can recall. We love Launceston and am sure we will be back for a holiday. Everybody was wonderful.
Kindest regards, Les.

Dear Jenny and Des
What superb organization, you are to be congratulated on such a successful Rally and Post Rally Tour. David and I enjoyed both immensely.
The Post Rally tour was fabulous, you arranged for us to see all the sights, excellent accommodation, delicious meals and amazing value.
You were always there keeping a watchful eye, but in the most unobtrusive manner, and you were both so friendly and welcoming.
A Big Thank You and we hope you have a very happy Jaguar Retirement.
Fond Wishes, David and Janet Roberts

Hi Des and Jenni
Once again, thanks for a great Rally and sensational Post Rally Tour. We will have to come back again and this time do the east coast to even things up!
Cheers and good luck, Steven

Thanks for a great concours and post rally tour we had a most enjoyable time. Thanks for your personal efforts in making it all happen for so many people.
Can you tell me who to contact to get some copies of photos from the Symons plains day and the presentation dinner as shown on the web site
Many thanks, Tony & Carole Robinson

All venues excellent. Thought the Registration area was particularly good. Food and chat with renewed friendships worked well.
Food & presentation excellent throughout the event, though the two formal dinners a little fashionably small & not quite as good as the Welcome Barbecue.
Great event. Very proud of Tasmania.
Well done and thanks to all for all the hard work. Wandy.

Thanks for the list of winners Jenny.
It was good for us to catch up with you and all our other “Jaguar friends”. Congratulations to you and your team for a job well done.
We certainly enjoyed our time there.
Many thanks, Ken

Hi Jenni,
I trust your stress levels are back to normal after a great P.R.T. Shirley & I really had a great time.
Regards, Ray & Shirley

Hi Jenni , I am just letting you know that both my wife and I had a fabulous time at the national rally in Launceston , where we met quite a few new interstate friends and we later enjoyed your beautiful state for 3 weeks touring around .
Could you tell me the winner & placing’s of The Concours’ Day in Royal Park as I have a lot of pictures and can identify off registration plates ?
We went down to Symmons Plains on the Sunday and watched the cars do laps and some of the local club racers , we also caught up with a few more Jags in Bicheno at the motel we were staying at and hence we ended up in Parliament lawns Hobart on market day , talking to friends we had made in Launceston .
Again I would like to thank you for an enjoyable experience and maybe we will see you all in Newcastle at some time.
Cheers, Barry

Main venue was fantastic, Strachan village accommodation was varied, some good some not so good.
EVENING FUNCTIONS excellent, DISPLAY DAY – Perhaps more catering, Options available from start, e.g. coffee, bacon and egg Roll at 10ish. Chairs or seating other than concrete (interstaters can’t bring chairs)
All up, we had a fantastic time and look forward to the next one.

Terry / Jenni
Thank you for the Concours judging result sheets and the decals for the trophies received today. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Launceston and the post rally tour.
Thank you again for all the work you both have put into a most successful Rally.
Best regards, Tony & Carole

Hi Jenni and Terry,
Just a short note of thanks; the trophy plaques and score sheets were received today; they look terrific, thank you.
Thank you for all your efforts; I know the concour was not without its issues, but we certainly enjoyed the long weekend and look back on our visit with fondness.
Well done to you both, and to all your team. We look forward to catching up again soon.
Best Regards, John & Lynnette.

Venues were really good. Launceston country club was absolutely wonderful. Needed better facilities for cleaning cars.
Post rally tour was very good and well organised by Jenny and her husband.
The only issue would have been accommodation at Strahan were people were spread out all over the place.
Food and drinks were good. Enjoyable time was had by us.
Arcadia & Jim

Was very happy with the rally organization except for too much waffle on the microphone at the presentation dinner which became irritating, plus the quality of some of the photos in the photo gallery is very poor. Maybe appoint a club photographer?